L’Allineamento Spirituale di Shamballah


Spiritual alignment is a quantum leap into a new dimension of spiritual healing
“It has been defined as an aid that has no precedence in the history of humanity”

Spiritual Alignment can be practiced on individuals of all ages, even pregnant women and animals and it has been shown that the infants of pregnant women treated, as well as the puppies of the females subjected to the Spiritual Alignment of Shamballah, are born perfectly aligned.

This discipline is also advisable for people who suffer in spirit, who are unable to resolve their existential crises and who are unable to relate serenely to their neighbor..


Let us help you, here is the proof!



“Let the winding streets to be straightened.” Luca 3,5


The Spiritual Alignment takes place in a single session, at the end of which the person who has been treated in this sense will be helped to relax with further specific treatment, aimed at his needs, be they physical, mental or emotional.



The Spiritual Alignment of Shamballah

A gift of love and light


The Spiritual Alignment of Samballah consists of: “The spiritual straightening of the spine and central organs (liver, stomach, spleen and pancreas)


The spiritual alignment of Shamballah is a fundamental change for current life on our planet. In harmony with the rise of a new light, it can establish “the Divine Order” in all beings, in this historical moment. This session is the basis for a physical, mental and soul healing in our existence and for a spiritual, visible and lasting healing.

The spiritual alignment of Shamballah can be called a quantum leap into a new dimension of spiritual healing.

Humanity is beginning to use the healing powers of the Spirit more consciously than in times past.

After many years of experience and above all after the Christic fast (of water, silence and prayer) in February 2018, together with my partner Domenica (Mimma) I founded our school to become Shamballah Spiritual Alignment Operator. That we exercise with all our love and dedication to accompany people on their path of light, to recognize and live Love in daily life.

The people who come to us find us through their inner divine guidance, and through their hearts.


Noi viaggiamo in tutta l’Italia e periodicamente anche all’estero per rendere accessibili questo tipo di guarigione ad un pubblico sempre più vasto.
La nostra formazione per diventare guaritore è ideale per tutti coloro che si sono presi l’impegno e considerano il loro compito di aiutare il prossimo come missione di vita, di qui medici, naturopati, ostetriche, fisioterapisti, guaritori di luce e tutte le persone si sentano chiamati per questo impegno. Loro lavoreranno con maggiore consapevolezza e forza se considerano le loro mani come strumenti divini, perché si aggiungerà al loro sapere e alla loro facoltà la guida e l’aiuto dall’alto. Ognuno di noi è da questo punto di vista uno strumento divino.


Persone di tutte le età sono coinvolto in queste problematiche che molti esperti definiscono “Malattia popolare n° 1” o “Epidemia del XXl secolo”.


  • Over the years the human being somatises multiple influences and experiences of daily life, both on a conscious and unconscious level, such as to disturb the balance in the energy flow of the backbone and the central organs materializing in different ways:
  • Vertebral blocks, stiff neck
  • Vertebrae displacements with overload on the intervertebral discs with possible formation of herniated discs
  • Modification of the static of the spine: scoliosis, hyperkyphosis, hyperlordosis, axial rotation
  • Shoulders and shoulder blades not aligned
  • Pelvis misalignment with asymmetry of the lower limbs
  • Loin sciatica
  • Knee problems (menisci, ligaments)
  • The central organs energetically not on the same line




The spiritual alignment of Shamballah of the vertebral column and central organs, and much more than a simple correction of a misalignment: it is the realization of the Divine Order in every living being.


Healing occurs without touching the body, without manipulation and within a few seconds the impulse is generated which leads to a healing of the entire body, soul and mind system.


The Spiritual Alignment of Shamballah is an aid that includes everything and is aimed at everyone: 

  • Gestanti e bambini non ancora nati
  • Bambini e ragazzi
  • Adulti
  • Anziani
  • Praticanti yoga e sportivi
  • Ricercatori spirituali
  • Terapeuti
  • Operatori di luce
  • Animali


Una seduta di guarigione comprende: la spiegazione del metodo al gruppo e il trattamento individuale sul lettino con una durata di circa 40 minuti.




“Let the winding roads to be straightened” Luca 3,5






“The name of the new Spine Healing System was then chosen by the Big Brotherhood of Shamballah and is called::

Spiritual Alignment of Shamballah

Balance & harmony according to the method of  Mikao Roger